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Entering CF Insights Data
Entering CF Insights Data
Creating Peer Groups and Benchmarking Reports
Creating Peer Groups and Benchmarking Reports
CF Insights Members The Field
Services Expert Guidance and Analysis Checked
Peer Learning and Connections Checked
Technical Assistance
with Tools
Consulting and Project Support Checked Checked
Tools Benchmarking and Custom Reports Checked with Annotation
Dashboard for Board Presentations Checked
Activity-Based Costing Analysis Model Checked Checked
Economic Scenario Planning Model Checked Checked
Interactive Strategy Model Checked Checked
Knowledge Member Research Briefs Checked
Trend Analysis and Rankings Checked Checked
Reports on Key Issues and Ideas Checked Checked

* Columbus Survey Participants have on-demand access to a select subset of
benchmarking reports

Data We Collect
Data We Collect

Data Collected by CF Insights

All data collected by CF Insights is available to members as criteria with which to build peer groups and as the basis for over 60 on-demand reports.

Foundation Basics:

  • Fiscal Year End Date
  • Year Foundation Created
  • Staffing by Function
  • Strategic Operating Priorities
  • Affiliations with Other Foundations
  • Software Type Used
  • Engagement in the Following Areas:
    • Community Leadership
    • Fiscal Sponsorship/Fundraising
    • Fundraising for Operations
    • Nonprofit Resource Center
    • Services to Private Foundations
    • Special Initiatives


  • Urban vs. Rural
  • Population of Area Served
  • Geographic Area Served
  • State
  • Region

Assets and Funds:

  • Total Assets
  • Total Assets by Product Type
  • Total Number of Foundation Funds
  • Total Number of DAFs
  • Total Number of Funds Held at SOs
  • Total Number of SOs
  • Operating Endowment and Reserves



  • Total Operating Expenses
  • Special Initiative Operations Expenses
  • Operating Expenses as Percent of Assets


  • Total Foundation Contributions - $ and #
  • Total Contributions to DAFs - $ and #
  • Total Contributions to SOs - $ and #


  • Total Foundation Grants - $ and #
  • Total Grants from DAFs - $ and #
  • Total Grants from SOs - $ and #

Activity-Based Costing Results:

  • Contributions/Subsidies by Product - $
  • Total Cost by Product - $
  • Total Cost by Activity Type - $

Administrative Fee Schedules:

CF Insights collects the following fee information by specific product and fund type.

  • Total Fees
  • Minimum Fees
  • Minimum Fund Balance

Investment Data from the Colonial Consulting/FAOG Investment Survey:

Colonial Consulting and FAOG provide CF Insights with the results of their annual and quarterly investment surveys.

  • Annualized Returns
  • Overall Allocation
  • Equity Allocation
  • Fixed Income Allocation
  • Alternate Allocation

Contact for more information.

Interactive Strategy Model

Building on the Activity-Based Costing methodology, the Interactive Strategy Model (ISM) helps community foundations model the impact of strategic changes on their economics.

An Overview of the Interactive Strategy Model provides a rundown of the entire process, including how to populate the Model and test the effects of specific operating variables over the long term, and demonstrate the types of outputs you can expect. Write to David Rosado for a copy of the presentation.

The Interactive Strategy Model, including input templates and forecast output pages. Please read the User Guide before beginning to use this tool.

Download Zipped Excel File » (ZIP, 3.00MB)

  • Staff Survey (XLS, 55KB) allows you to collect staff time across products and activity categories, a required input for the ISM.
  • Staff Survey Memo (DOC, 162KB) explains how to complete the ISM staff survey.
  • Staff Survey Aggregation Tool (XLS, 2.56MB) aggregates all of a foundation’s individual staff survey results and formats the sum for input into the ISM.

Walk through each stage of the analysis with detailed, step-by-step instructions found in the User Guide (PDF, 1.00MB).

We highly recommend a thorough read before using the model.

Development of the ISM was commissioned by the Council on Foundations, The Boston Foundation, The Cleveland Foundation, The Columbus Foundation, The Philadelphia Foundation and the Fiscal and Administrative Officers Group of the Community Foundations Leadership Team.

This tool and supporting documentation are available for free to community foundations for internal use only. Any commercial use of the tools by community foundations or the consultants that serve them requires a licensing fee. Inquire about licensing.

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